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Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics to Impress Your Teacher

Criminal justice research papers are way more difficult than ordinary assignments. It requires professional essay writer who can write it with definite accuracy that supports ideas and arguments. Since the first task is to find an appropriate criminal justice research topic that is not too broad or narrow.

An essay writer online can help you choose a perfect topic for your future assignment. However, we can also help you with a list of topics given below:

  1.       What do you understand by corporal punishment?
  2.       Explain the strain theory.
  3.       Discuss the history of corporal punishment.
  4.       Explain The deterrence and rational choice theory.
  5.       What are natural law systems?
  6.       What is restorative justice?
  7.       How the discretionary powers can be used to determine criminal justice fairness?
  8.       Compare and contrast Reform and punishment.
  9.       Who is the first chief justice?
  10.   What are the different career options in law enforcement?
  11.   What is the best method to detect serial killers?
  12.   How can we classify cybercrime?
  13.   What is the relation between street lighting and crime?
  14.   How can we deal with the issue of cybercrime?
  15.   Explain organized crime and criminal justice.
  16.   What are the prevention programs essential for a crime?
  17.   Use of hate crime implications in criminal justice.
  18.   How can we relate genetics to a crime?
  19.   Similarity and difference between deterring and mitigating crime.
  20.   What is the role of aggression to increase crime?
  21.   What are the different criminal trial processes?
  22.   What is the role of criminal courts?
  23.   Evidence and the adversarial system
  24.   How effective are the problem-solving courts?
  25.   Discuss the role of a prosecutor.
  26.   What is the process of selecting a jury?
  27.   Sentencing disparity.
  28.   What is the importance of the profession of court officers?
  29.   Discuss the profession of criminal justice practitioners.
  30.   Judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys
  31.   What are the challenges faced by a crime officer?
  32.   How technology brings changes in forensic?
  33.   Use of DNA in forensic medicine.
  34.   What do you understand by forensic science?
  35.   Explain Plea bargaining in terms of criminology.
  36.   List some latest foreign discoveries.
  37.   What do you understand by Marxist criminology?
  38.   What are the advantages and disadvantages of a forensic pathologist?
  39.   What is the relationship between criminal justice and criminology?
  40.   What is forensic psychology?
  41.   Correctional control: mothers and infants.
  42.   What are comparing communities of correctional control?
  43.   What is the relationship between behavioral science and criminal justice?
  44.   Discuss the correctional control between parole, probation, and recidivism.
  45.   What is the correlation between legislation, adjudication, and corrections?
  46.   Explain The youth criminal justice act.
  47.   What is the importance of juvenile justice?
  48.   How can you relate subcultures with criminal justice?
  49.   What is the role of juveniles in the death penalty?
  50.   Describe the term youth gangs.
  51.   What is Juvenile court?
  52.   Explain the term street gangs.
  53.   What is the impact of juvenile courts on repeat offenders?
  54.   What is the maximum sentence for juvenile offenders?
  55.   What is the technique for crime prevention in juveniles?
  56.   Why pro-bono lawyers are debatable problems?
  57.   Common procedure adapted in the Singapore justice system.
  58.   What is the role of juries in the criminal justice system?
  59.   What is the importance of a code of ethics under the justice system?
  60.   What is the role of a criminal defense attorney in the criminal justice system?
  61.   What is the relationship between the justice system and the entertainment industry?
  62.   The significance of the criminal justice system in society.
  63.   What is the influence of mental health on the justice system?
  64.   Explain inequality in the justice system.
  65.   What are the preventions and consequences of wrongful convictions?

These topics can help you draft a perfect research paper. However, there are also several essay writer service online who provide free essays and papers, so you don’t have to stress about a thing.

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